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We Treat You Like You

What Does That Mean And Why Does It Help?

Here's the deal: We aren't all equal.

To some that may sound insensitive (and to others obvious), but it's true. Some of us are tall, some short, some easily prone to extra weight, and some can eat like 11 year olds and not gain a pound. So applying a one size fits all solution to your health and fitness goals will not work. You need a tailored solution, but like most people, you probably don't have the time or energy to seek out and implement some "perfect" plan that'll be the silver bullet you've always wanted. Chances are, the perfect plan doesn't even exist. 

So what to do? Get on a fad diet? Join a gym you know you won't go to? If you're like most people, the answer is just put it off - meaning nothing in your life changes. 

We Get To Know You; The Real You

Our instructors have been teaching for years. They've literally seen it all. So they're really, really good at helping people feel comfortable in the group atmosphere of class, while still setting proper expectations at the individual level.

Everyone in every class is looking for something just a *little* different, and our Kickboxing Class is one of the only places where almost everyone can get what they need. The result: You finally get something that works for you. 

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No Obligation To Continue After Your Trial

Our Holistic Approach

Most fitness and health programs focus on one area and try to "fix" something, isolating "it" from the rest of "you." The problem with that is that even if it's successful, it won't stick.

We take a holistic approach, meaning we help you address what Health Promotion professionals call the....

The 6 Dimensions of Wellness

  • Physical

    Most people focus on this a lot, and if you’re looking for physical change, you’ll see it. We WILL make you stronger, faster, more flexible, and in the process you’ll start to look better and feel better.

  • Emotional

    You’ll feel better when you look better, but it’s not just that.  You’ll be able to face the daily challenges we all face like judgement from others, challenging work situations, and family stress? Being emotionally fit is vital.

  • Spiritual

    We don’t mean Religious, we mean Spiritual. Are you able to connect with your inner sense of peace and focus? Or do you feel like like you’re always moving in a million different directions? Our classes will help you find your inner self through hard work and overcoming challenges.

  • Environmental

    Your environment shapes not only the way you look at the world, but how you interact with it as well. Regularly attending a class where you step into a culture of success and positivity will help you change the way you think about yourself and how you view your life

  • Social

    Let’s face it: It’s not always easy to make friends. For some reason we only think about kids needing social interaction – but us adults need it too! We’re not supposed to just be shoved into a cubicle all day. Interacting, making friends, learning and contributing, all of these things you’ll do in our classes and will dramatically improve your quality of life.

  • Mental

    You’ll cultivate a tough mental attitude by inching closer and closer to your goals, and that attitude will spill over into your life outside of class. Our students say they feel more determined and successful in their daily lives. 

We Bring Out Your Best

Don't get me wrong; just because we cater to what you NEED, doesn't always mean you'll get what you WANT. There will be times when it will be hard. You'll be physically and mentally challenged. You'll want to give up, and you might even wish you had signed up to do something easier. But it will be worth it.  Every member who is in class with us has learned that the things they THINK they want are usually the EASY things, and that those rarely get them the results the truly want. It's instant gratification (sitting at home in front of the TV) vs. long term success (coming to Kickboxing class).

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You Don't Have to Be Great to Start

Worried that it'll be too hard? That you might not be able to do everything we ask? That you'll sweat, feel uncomfortable, be sore, and generally just not be good at it?

You're right.

It'll all be really different, hard, challenging, and you'll want to give up...

but it will be worth it!

And Honestly, You'll Love the Process

But You Have to Start to Be Great.

Success Isn't Easy. So Take It Step By Step:

  • 1

    Take Action

    Sign up for our No Obligation Trial (or a Kickstart program if it's available)

  • 2

    Be Honest with yourself

    While you're taking our Trial, be honest. Will this help you? Are the exercises and activities in class something that you can stick with? If so, do you think you'll see the kind of benefits you're looking for?

  • 3

    Make a Commitment

    If you like the Trial, don't hesitate. Sign up as a regular member. Making a strong, focused commitment is the first step to success. If you don't like the trial, you won't hurt our feelings. But if you do, take advantage of our program and start getting the results you deserve!

  • 4

    See Results Over Time

    Yes, you'll see results right away. But the biggest benefits will be seen over months and even years of regular exercise. If Kickboxing is something you can stick with, you'll be a transformed person.

We don't take this lightly. Those 4 Steps aren't easy.

But if you can just take step #1...

We'll Help You The Rest Of The Way.

So Take Step #1, And Get Started Today:

Check Out Our Online Trial Special:

No Obligation To Continue After Your Trial

What's The Catch?

Nothing. Seriously.

We’re REALLY good at what we do, and you’re going to see very quickly if our classes are right for you.

If not, no problem. In fact, we’ll even try to use what we learned about you during your time with us to suggest an activity that will better suit your needs.

But If It IS Right....

It Could Be The Best Thing You've Ever Done For Yourself

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Trial

What should I wear/bring to class?
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Wear comfortable clothing; something you can move easily in. We'll be kicking, so a stretch/yoga style pant may make you more comfortable than shorts. However, we're SO not judgmental about clothes. If you feel comfortable in it, then cool. Also, a water bottle and a towel are great ideas. Remember, we're going to be working!

How often should I attend?
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As much as possible! Every member will have different scheduling needs, and different health needs based on their own personal goals. Once you sign up for a trial, we'll be able to meet you and give you more specific advice regarding your own specific schedule.

If I like it, how does the signing up work?
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If you enjoy the trial and you think classes will be beneficial, we will show you our different program options (there are multiple different scheduling options, payment options, and attendance options). We'll look together at what option works best, and get you enrolled.

I have an injury/disability/challenge
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You and nearly everyone else in the class. Rarely do fully healthy people enroll! Our classes are setup to work for each individual student. Although we're positive that 99% of people reading this are right for our classes, during your Trial we will be able to tell you for sure.

Basically, we want you in class because it's life changing. We'll work around what we need to to make you successful.

I’ve said it already, but again, thank you for considering Kickboxing Classes. For our staff and members, it’s been a defining area of their lives, and we sincerely hope that it’s as special and life changing for your you as it’s been for us.

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P.S. To be sure we are properly serving our members, we only allow a certain number of new trial programs each month. If you think our Bootcamp Classes might be beneficial, it’s important that you reserve a space before they're full.

P.P.S. If we're already completely booked, we’ll inform you and put you on the waiting list.

Reserve a Space Before They're Gone. We Can't Wait To Meet You!

Check Out Our Online Trial Special:

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